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Aug 18, 2013 11:00am PDT
this all works as we take a look at the affordable care act. and the healthcare security ordinance and how those two sort of overlap. and without having a good understanding of a foundation as to how the affordable care act covered california, is the market place or the exchange program for both individuals and small businesses, without understanding how that all works, and some of the dollars and cents around it, so i encourage you to play around with it, and take some of your employees in terms of what they make and play around with the different levels because there is bronze and there is silver, and gold, and plat um in terms of dollar values that you can contribute based upon your wage that you might get a certain amount of subsidy. and so, i just want to really encourage to you take some time to start playing around with that information and that data on the website and the covered california website but also to take a look at this and engage at least one seminar with the covered california, individuals and one with shop. >> and then, in terms of legislation, i have highlighted in re
Aug 18, 2013 11:50am EDT
of healthcare, the cost of the insurance premium. if there was no other reason to pass the affordable health act. the reason we would have had to do this is because of cost. costs to individuals and family, competitive business internationally, local and federal and state government. the rate of increase has dramatically turned this way. one of the other points that was made, and i want to emphasize this, the law is about quality, of service, not quantity of procedures. this is about performance and not procedures. this is about value and not volume. you see an example of san francisco, where performances like this and compensation is like that. in many parts of the country, compensation is like that and performances like this. if you are not getting the proper care, and there is re- admissions to hospitals, and you are not sent home with the right partnership, that they have taken the lead on, the quality of life for the person is not healthy, and the cost to that person to the community, every aspect of the delivery of service. in every industry, competition lowers cost. competition lowers cos
Aug 21, 2013 7:00am PDT
healthcare act could mean bay area vineyards and farmers could spend a lot more money. the prevision could require fieldworkers to be required by health insurance. that could mean an extra dollar an hour per farm worker. farm laborers say the profits are already low and they may have to pass the added cost on the growers. >>> here's some video from last month of mayor evan lowe sponsoring a blood drive in campbell. as an openly gay man he was not allowed to donate. the fda adopted the ban back in 1983 in an effort to prevent the spread of a.i.d.s. and hiv. the mayor says the policy is out of day but the fda says despite rigorous testing there's still a short window when hiv can go undetected. >>> 7:27. a massive wildfire near yosemite is growing by the hour. we'll tell you what crews are up against and what campers nearby have been forced to do. >>> good morning. traffic is getting busier. westbound 24. you can see it's very slow here in la fayette. >>> and in weather, the fog has been increasing over the past few hours. we still have the chance of a few isolated thunderstorms by the after
Aug 20, 2013 4:30pm PDT
their healthcare coverage from new state exchanges, part of the affordable care act, there is six weeks to go before those insurance marketplaces are scheduled to be up and running. so, how are states getting the word out about those new coverage options? will they be ready in october? and what happens if they are not up to speed? bert bertha coombs takes a look. >> reporter: spreading the word about enrolling. job one is ensuring residents the state's online exchange will be ready. >> we're tested every week. new elements, not only what we do but how do we relate to the federal hub and the tests are going well. >> reporter: the federal hub is the obama's clearing house that will connect state online marketplaces to systems at irs and the center for medicare and medicaid. for applicant income verification and eligibility for subsides. but according to an inspector general report, the hub's final security certification won't happen until the day before exchanges are due to open. >> it's cutting the margin close. if it does actually come through on september 30th, there would be no problem. the
Aug 21, 2013 12:00pm EDT
of young adults have new or better health-care coverage since passage of the affordable care act according to a new study from the commonwealth fund. a survey of adults in their 20's and nearly 8 million of them have coverage, however only one quarter of them were aware of the state health insurance marketplaces, which launched on october 1. midday lottery numbers, and another check of your insta weather plus forecast with tony, but first, a check of wall street at this hour. some of us feel depressed, anxious, angry. if you're just like me, say something. 5:00night on 11 news at p.m., the army private convicted of leaking class but information to wikileaks will spend 35 years in prison. we will have the latest reaction. and, the i-team looks at the figureith smartphones to out what may be behind a troubling trend. an alligator is discovered outside of a residence in carroll county. we will find out where it might have come from and where it is tonight. now your maryland lottery make a pick three and four numbers. from 98sarah fleischer rock. your pick three numbers. 8 for starters. follow
Aug 21, 2013 4:30pm PDT
state and federal healthcare exchanges are slated to be operational under the affordable health act. one of the biggest challenges for administrators, getting the word out to people that may need to sign up for coverage, especially to young people, many of who aren't focussed or aware of what they have to do and spend to obtain health insurance. bertha coombs has the story. >> reporter: in health policy circles, they are called young invincibles. 20 something-year-olds don't buy insurance. a new report shows otherwise. >> affordability is really the key reason why young adults don't enroll in health plans. >> reporter: two thirds of 19 to 29-year-olds they surveyed take up insurance when offered at work. >> among those who don't, 22% say that they couldn't afford the policy and only 5% said they didn't sign up because they didn't need it. >> reporter: 15 million young adults in early 20s are coverered under the obama plan. >> i plan on using my mom's insurance as long as i can. >> i'll stay under it until i'm 25 or 26. >> reporter: while it remains controversial, the survey found politic
Aug 21, 2013 5:00pm EDT
with the affordable care act? should we adopt a single payer system? obviously, doing nothing will not work. what would you recommend? already existing for a long time, like medicare, for which the projections of spending are just growing and we also of social security as well. but in the case of medicare, there is a bipartisan agen to ce growth. the president a couple of years ago said it should not grow much more than gdp. the house republicans have also agreed. there's a difference on how to do that. house republicans wanted to decentralize, as you know. and the president wanted to centralize it. it seems to me that is something we could come to agreement on. it is really not about current retirees. it is about future retirees. people know it has to be addressed. i would try to go after the medicare issue. and of course, the affordable care act is even more difficult now because it has become so partisan. but it is also something that could be improved. but in the meantime, focus on entitlements that are clear the expenses right now, like medicare. >> one more question. i want to get your reac
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Aug 21, 2013 5:00am EDT
the cost associated with the affordable care act has made it increasingly difficult to continue providing the same level of healthcare benefits to our employees at an affordable cost end quote. it has 60 million a year excl e excludeing working is part of a growing trend. this year 4 percent of large employers say they exclude them if they can. >>> are you ready for a holiday traffic jam? 34.1 million americans will travel over labor day weekend. the reason is rising home values are making travelers feel more useful. >> it is 12 after the hour. still to come of the families are furious after the state department workers blamed for the benghazi attack are allowed back on the job. why my son is dead. >> did you wake up cravering junk food? it could be just as dangerous as craving drugs. as we go to break a look at the wake up weather around the country. so then the little tiny chipmunks go all the way up... ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good. no-charge scheduled maintenance. check. and here's th
Aug 15, 2013 10:00am EDT
. the affordable care act is making healthcare a right for americans. thatso want to make sure we are making sure that everyone who lives in this state gets access to care. we will need to support the safety net, community health clinics, hospitals, and there still will be people who do not have insurance. the act takes us a long way. who are weak, and who is this covered california thing question mark i like to say we are public, but we are dot-com. we will be out there marketing all the the place to provide new information and the one-stop place that californians can go arefind out if they a eligible for medical, or for a place to shop for place that has the back, has choices they can make that are balanced, fairly resented, that they can get as good a deal through covered california. alfred was the first date after the passage of the federal care act is a week in california will set up an exchange, now called covered california. one california to set up a way that is anchored in the diversity, red, size of california. many other states have not done that. there are 16 states across the nation
Aug 22, 2013 7:00am PDT
of the affordable care act. >>> a new poll shows many californians don't know they can get health insurance for free or reduce cost through obamacare. 66% of people expect implementing the law will be successful. however, only 25% of voters under the age of 65 say they've heard about the affordable care act. 48% of low income voters eligible to get free healthcare know they are eligible for it. a lot of questions or a lack of knowledge in some cases about it. >> 8:19. let's check in with sal and see what's happening on 880. still a problem? >> yeah, it is. i want to show you what's going on. this truck has been stalled on 880. been stalled since 6:30. and here we are coming up on almost two hour stall. it's not a huge problem. wasn't an injury accident . there's the truck. if you look at the maps. the back up continues to grow. it is slow all the way from here down to where the truck is. and i would not recommend doing that. i would recommend using 580 where this traffic here by passing the whole thing and 580 going in that direction out to highway 13 and beyond looks pretty good. i would use that i
Aug 17, 2013 5:00am PDT
funding for the affordable care act or to shut down the government if they don't get their way. >> they are actually having a debate between hurting americans who will no longer be denied affordable healthcare just because they will be second and harming the economy and millions of americans in the process. many republicans are more concerned with how badly this debate will hurt them politically than they are with how badly it will hurt the country. >> in the republican address, west virginia representative shelly moore kopito is calling for a delay in the requirement that uninsured consumers buy healthcare insure abs coverage or pay fines. >>> it's happening to warren haul on. csu east bay campus. the building was built 40 years ago along a fault line and is now considered the most seismically unsafe bulling in the cal state system. the tower has been abandoned for the past two years, and it is set to come down at 9:00 this morning. if you want to see it -- of course, you do -- as it happens live we will be streaming it live on and again, that's at 9:00 a.m.. >>>
Aug 16, 2013 7:00am PDT
will stay without health insurance even after the new affordable care act begins next january. under the new healthcare law, everyone is required to have health insurance. public health officials say right now, an estimated $84,000 adults in san francisco don't have health insurance. and they say they expect about 35,000 will not take part in the new healthcare plans for any number of reasons. >>> 8:35. two bay area hospitals are among ten being fined by the state department of public health. alta bates in oakland was fined $50,000 for a september 1 september 2011 ins -- september 2011 where a patient tied for being given a solution but not through a feeding tube. a patient was placed on a ventilator but they failed to make sure it was working and that patient died. >>> new brain scans showed that people thought to be brain dead or minimally conscious could actually answer questions. the canadian research team has detected evidence of an ability to follow commands. the new research may help open doors of communication that have long been closed. >>> well, very unique search at uc davis invol
Aug 15, 2013 1:00am EDT
to focus on the affordable care act and ask you about its implementation, ask you what you think about it, how things are going for the implementation in your state. what questions you need answered. we are entering your questions on facebook today as well. how are things going with the implementation? what sort of things do you need answered? we posted on facebook and we will check those in a moment. 3cspanchat. let's take a look at a couple of them. my question is, if this is such a great thing, many in government jobs and union jobs don't want it. over 5 million people in california live in medically underserved areas or health professional shortage areas. why is this law screwing the rural areas? example, tort reform. both purchases for prescription drugs like the -- we will get your phone calls and read more of those in just a moment. a quick check of some of the news happenings today and the major world news happening in egypt, in cairo today. the reporting of the associated press story on the death toll so far in egypt. egyptian officials say 278 people have been killed today in na
Aug 21, 2013 6:00pm PDT
of the costs associated with the affordable care act. these costs include requirements to recover dependent children up to age 26 and other fees. the decision takes effect in 2014 and is expected to save about $60 million a year. >>> starbucks may not be so crowded on the saturdays because a nationwide boycott is being called against starbucks. it has nothing to do with coffee but with guns. the group called skip starbucks saturday wants to pressure the coffee giant into changing its current policy that allows customers to carry loaded firearms into starbucks stores in 43 states where it's allowed. in may, a female customer dropped her purse. a loaded gun inside shot another woman in the leg. starbucks agrees gun violence is a serious issue but the company complies with local laws. >>> walmart is making an early and unexpected move to get rid of the $5 entry fee for customers who want to participate in a holiday layaway program. this is a signal to consumers that retailers including walmart will be trying harder to get your business this fall. the decision comes after the retailer had a dis
Aug 22, 2013 5:00am EDT
the affordable care act will soar and that could doom obamacare.". [take demarco sot] in 10:57:01 "any of us can get sick and then we are destroyed." trt=:04 vincent demarco heads up a large healthcare initiative. he's troubled by what he sees as poltiics above healthcare. [take sot vincent demarco ] in 10:55:40 "it is really irresponsible for any organization to discourage people from taking advantage of benefits that may help keep them alive." trt=:07 a recent kaiser family foundation survey found that 71 percent of adults under the age of 30 value andant insurance, but they remain highly skeptical of the true cost. [sot in scully ] in 1:58 "there's been a big misconception about this campaign that we don't want people to have insurance and we do. if we think that a young person thinks purchasing the mandate that is best for them, they should go ahead and do it. however, we think they should be aware of the consequences of obamacare. how its going to ration healthcare and make it more expensive." trt=:14 i'm kristine frazao reporting still ahead... the ravens hit the field tonight... to take o
Aug 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
% of the people surveyed support the affordable care act also called obamacare. most are democrats and liberals. 38% of californians oppose it. most of them are republicans and conservatives. >>> well, president obama's dog bo obama has a new playmate. there it is. the white house announced they adopted sunny into the obama family. they are both portuguese water dogs. the new puppy is a girl, all black female, just over a year old. bo is about four years old. the first family says they wanted a second dog because bo just wasn't getting enough play time with other dogs. >> getting some play time now. >> yes. >>> tired of tipping? there's a new trend to do away with tips at restaurants. pam cook is in the studio now with who is trying to and how it is affecting service. good questions, pam. >> top restaurants trying this new strategy. owners say it's paying off. one restaurant owner in san diego says the key is paying your waiters more instead. he says having a reliable income is empowering. when you don't have to worry about how much money you will make you can focus more on your job. another re
Aug 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
in our state knows little or nothing about the affordable care act. another 60 percent say they are " somewhat knowledgeable " about the overhaul which was signed into law in 2010. overall, 52 percent of california voters support the law. >>darya: proper nourishment can boost performance from the cap-judge classroom to the soccer field. but a casualty of hectic morning can often be a good breakfast, are backing a good one. karin kayfuh gets expert tips on easy, healthy fuel for school. that little variety of long way and can keep kids from getting sugary snacks elsewhere. >>: may be getting a damper for example peanut butter or almond butter you can dip. it and did a whole fruit and there act. that makes it more exciting and more interesting for its >>: shed 5 1/6 from the discussions about healthy eating in different ways. >>mark: >>darya: still with kron4. you can go to our facebook page to see some of the kron4 anchors and reporters when they were students. and we want to see your photos. you can send them to breaking news at kron4 dot com. we are also keeping tabs on ba
Aug 19, 2013 7:00am EDT
what companies are doing ahead of the implementation, affordable care act on that same subject. can there be a law to ban company from cutting back hours from employees to stop having to pay for healthcare? explain this situation. guest: i really doubt that congress will pass any kind of laws requiring employers to offer a certain number of hours. there is a discussion how do you define full time work. that's been the debate in congress because the health laws, regulation have defined it as 30 hours a week or more. there are a couple bills in congress that will define it as 40 hours. are we going to see more people getting cut back below 30 hours because of the health law because employers want to avoid the penalty. in answer to the question, no, we will not see a lawyer requiring 40 hour workweek. there's a lot of discussion how do you define it. host: a question from twitter. talk about group rates and how the affordable care act will affect them? guest: group rates. the affordable care act affects them in a couple ways. if the question is about how does it affect employer cove
Aug 18, 2013 7:00am EDT
he did talk about the upcoming deadline as the affordable health care act rolls into place. >> many members in congress are working to inform their constituents about the plan but so a group of republicans confusing people and making empty promise it's saying they will shut down the health care law or if they don't get their way they will shut down the government. they are actually wanting to harm the health care and economy in the process and many americans are worried about -- many politicians are worried more about how it will affect their position in the government rather than the people. they think it will be sticking it to me but they really will be sticking it to you. some say if you call their office about the health care law they will refuse to help. your health insurance is not something to play politics with. your health is not to be played politics. in the states where governers and legislatures are working together to implement this law properly, states like new york, colorado and maryland, competition is making insurance affordable so i am going to keep doing everythin
Aug 21, 2013 10:00am EDT
premiums for employer-based coverage have slowed significantly under the affordable care act. the growth rate in 2013 was about one-third the size of the increases reside decade ago. also this week, montana became the latest state to announce health care premiums in the state that were lower-than- expected. belowave been nearly 20% the cbo's projections so far, and tax credits will make that even more affordable for many americans. finally, there are a couple of reports today about a study that indicated that job creation at small companies has almost doubled in the last six months. this is another signal, economists say, that undercuts claims that the affordable care act is having a negative impact on job growth, particularly among smaller businesses. in fact, some might even say that the affordable care act is having a positive impact on small businesses, thereby on the bottom line, and of course, their employees who will have access to health care coverage. with all of that, take it away. about ae a question statement made earlier today. the president has said for about a year now tha
Aug 22, 2013 10:00am EDT
of americansions who deserve affordable healthcare. president obama and secretary sibelius are fighting a tough after all, but it is the right battle, and ultimately americans will be the winners. congress has tried to repeal the affordable care act about 38 times -- 40. that is also a disgrace. maybe they should be working on voting to put more americans to work and passing the make america work act. maybe they should spend that time voting to increase funding program, to invest in infrastructure, maybe they should do their jobs so many philadelphians and pennsylvanians and americans can get a job. they have jobs, they have health care. they need to stop wasting their time and our time on these useless and endless fights about the affordable care act. it is the law, it was passed, we won that fight, it is over. move onto something else. i want to thank president obama and secretary sibelius for their great leadership on this issue and many others. i want to thank all our local partners and all of you here today. the affordable care act is here. we need to utilize it and make sure americans are
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)